1. Daredevil from my sketchbook


  2. Sketchbook…color’s a little weird on the guy on the left



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  5. I was trying to do some brainstorming


  6. Visual Development from Bambi

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  7. study-group:

    WE HIT 50%!

    WOW! I am floored! 6 days and 50%! Y’all are awesome.

    Thanks for both the pledges and all the sharing and RT-ing everyone is doing. It really makes a difference.

    I don’t want to tweet chickens before they hatch, but it looks like we might actually need to announce those stretch goals we have planned! Really cool.

    Right now though, I want to celebrate the milestone by sharing a couple panels from David King’s 6 page story in SGM #3D. He continues exploring and refining the beautiful two-tone approach of his earlier Study Group Magazine pieces, and the results are fantastic as always. But that’s just a taste of what’s in store! More previews to come in future updates.

    Thanks again,


     (via Study Group Comics: 2014 Spring Pre-Order Fest by Zack Soto » We hit 50%!! — Kickstarter)


  8. My scanner is ready for the scrapheap, but sometimes I like the results. This is a thumbnail for a new Crime World page.

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  9. sparkplugbooks:

    The Shortest Interval is a bizarre, hilarious little jaunt through the Planck Epoch, filled with questionable “facts” and quirky personifications.  Visit the researchers working at Gash Mountain Lab on Beaver Island.  Let the squeal of Gravity’s tires ring in your ears as he drives off, flipping you and your pals the bird.  Contemplate your (meaningless) place in an ever-emptying universe.  This book is hot and dense, just like its namesake.

    (20 interior pgs, 5” x 5”, two colors throughout, Sparkplug Books)

    The Shortest Interval is available here!


  10. Sketchbook