1. Freeze mister


  2. I started redrawing this old comic book cover


  3. The Spectre


  4. I did this Lupin III in my sketchbook and colored it real fast


  5. I redrew this old comic book cover in my sketchbook


  6. Redrawing BIG TOWN



  8. Franklin Pangborn, right?


  9. marinaomi:

    Check out this email I just got:

    Jake Barnes <jake.barnes36@gmail.com>

    2:38 PM (0 minutes ago)

    to marinaomi

    I enjoy Mr. Lobdell’s writing in comics, he has had some very good story arcs in the super-hero genre…I have just today found out about this panel…

  10. study-group:

    Study Group Magazine #3D

    Four hundred discerning readers and $14,000 just can’t be wrong; in addition to covering most of the publishing costs for the next issues of Farel Dalrymple’s It Will All Hurt and François Vigneault’s Titan as well as Sam Alden’s debut graphic novel Haunter, we’re delighted to announce that the next issue of our hybrid comics/criticism flagship magazine has also been Kickstarted [“™”] in the first stretch-goal stage of our campaign — now, we can cram even more content into issue #3D than we had hoped, at no extra cost to our beloved but largely cash-strapped readers. Instead of the planned 80 pages, #3D is 96 pages! We can only hope that it doesn’t bully its 64-page siblings, issues #1 and #2.

    We’d like to thank all of our supporters for helping us give the new and improved flagship such a boost, and we’re excited to share material from the issue in the next few weeks — but, for now, you can tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell that guy in the comic shop who always smells like a sour-milk smoothie of cumin and yeast and follows you around the store trying to chat if you accidentally make eye contact — tell everyone you encounter that this is the complete rundown of Study Group Magazine #3D’s contents:

    In full living color, we have:

    A slyly brilliant 3D cover by Jim Rugg

    A back cover by SG Godfather Zack Soto

    Comics by Sophie Franz, Pete Toms and Connor Willumsen

    An interview with Ron “D-Pi” Wimberly by Milo George

    An essay on the use of color and texture in Wimberly’s Prince Of Cats by Sarah Horrocks

    In Studygroup’s trademark limited color:

    Comics by Trevor Alixopulos, David King, Mia Schwartz and Benjamin Urkowitz

    An epic double-page illustration by Tyler Landry

    In glorious black and white:

    A haunting B&W short story by Julia Gfrorer & Sean T. Collins

    A profile of comics critic/advocate/editor/publisher Ryan Sands by Rob Clough, and an essay on Rob Schrab & Dan Harmon’s Scud: The Disposable Assassin by Sean Witzke

    A hybrid article/comic about a childhood rape, the Dark Shadows TV show and the sometimes strained relationships between memory/meaning, words/pictures and parents/children, concluding with a comics adaptation of an essay by William S. Burroughs, by James Romberger

    And in the heart of the issue, our reason for numbering it #3D — 19 pages of articles and comics in full-color and classic-red/blue anaglyph 3D [glasses included in every issue]:

    A history/commentary on the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of stereoscopic art by the issue’s 3D consultant/engineer/SGM MVP, Jason Little, and an essay by Joe McCulloch on Le Dernier Cri’s own 3D anthology, 3DC.

    Comics by Chris Cilla, Kim Deitch, Jason Little, Malachi Ward and Dan Zettwoch

    Written tributes to the late King of 3D, Ray Zone, by Mary Fleener, Melinda Gebbie and Alan Moore, with an introduction/appreciation by the editors

    A short interview with Kim Deitch about Mr. Zone and 3D, by Chris Duffy, featuring never-before-published 3D material from Deitch’s There’s No Business Like Show Business


    If you don’t want this issue, then you are insane. There’s no other explanation. You could wait and pray that your local store orders SGM#3D, or you can take control of your life and order the issue, and/or other fine SG publications, right now right here until the 26th.

    (via Study Group Magazine #3D | STUDYGROUP blog)